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Ken Anton Krawczyk - CSC

Having been behind the camera on many award winning series' like Corner Gas, Hiccups and recently 'In Security,' Ken Krawczyk has experienced success at many levels as a director of photography. Although best known for his series work, Ken's love for motion photography goes beyond television comedy. Driven to create engaging photography for over 25 years, Ken has extended his craft to many feature film and commercial projects.

Recently, Ken was nominated for a 2010 Gemini Award as Best Cinematographer for his work on CTV'S hit series Hiccups.To view a full list of award nominations and credits, please visit Ken's IMDB PAGE.

What People Are Saying

Ken Krawczyk brings so much to the table, so many strengths to every project, my comfort level automatically increases when I know he’s involved. He has a depth of knowledge in the technical arena that is invaluable, but his artistic touch is what defines him in my eyes. A sense of composition, a sense of depth, a painter’s eye for colour, and an innate sense of tracking targets that probably rivals that of any sniper or mafia assassin working today. I have learned a great deal about film making from working with Ken. I’ve had a lot of laughs too – he’s a very funny guy, and a pleasure to be around.

Brent Butt
Sparrow Media Co.

Blessed with a very strong cinematographer, Hungry Hills is gorgeous to look at. A sumptuous recreation of 1920's hard-scrabble dirt farming life.

Todd Brown | Film Reviews

HANNAH'S LAW is the story of a young woman's efforts to establish a life on the frontier, and a personal campaign for justice. It is also so beautifully photographed by Ken Krawczyk that it could be enjoyed with the sound off as a series of stunning visual compositions. It's the best-shot Western that HALLMARK has ever produced – and considering that they make at least two westerns a year, that is no minor compliment.

Henry C. Parke
Henry's Western Round-up

Hannah's Law...Rachel Talalay, the director, has everyone here fully engaged. (That includes Ken Krawczyk, the director of photography; the film looks gorgeous.)

Neil Genzlinger
New York Times



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